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  • Migrate from QBOnline to Desktop

    Howdy, folks.

    I've been a QB Online user for two years managing a small business. I now have a new startup of my own, and a second client which will require three separate accounting files, which drives the price of the online version to $75/month, an outrageous amount considering the desktop version is only $500 once.

    However, it's been many years since I've used the desktop version, so I need to ask for your help to confirm a few things.
    • Does QB Desktop Premiere still download banking transactions (checking, cards, etc.) so that I can match transactions?
    • Does the software still support individual, discrete files so that I can separate all three businesses and manage them separately?
    • Does this version (QBDP) support 'manufacturing inventory' in the regard that I can track individual component inventory used in the assembly of a final finished product?
    • For those of us using WooCommerce and other e-commerce platforms (Amazon, Shopify), what plugin would you recommend to move order data from the site to QB?

    Looking forward to your feedback. Thanks in advance!

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    All desktop installs will download banking and allow you to match
    All desktop installs have inventory, premier and higher have assembly items
    All desktop installs allow for as many company files as your hard drive will hold

    The utility intuit provides to move from QBO to QBDT is flawed, not everything transfers, see this

    If it is a start up, start the company file in desktop and not QBO

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