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New book: Simple/Smart Fixed Asset Handling in QuickBooks

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  • New book: Simple/Smart Fixed Asset Handling in QuickBooks

    This book is all about the Simple/Smart method, a new way to keep fixed asset records entirely within QuickBooks—without additional software or subscribing to outside services, and without using Fixed Asset Items. It shows how to set up Inventory Part Items in a special way and use them to keep track of fixed assets, with step-by-step examples for how to handle all kinds of fixed asset situations: purchases, trade-ins, swaps, sales, group asset purchases and sales, salvage/disposals, depreciation expense, loans and financing, and more...without ever using Journal Entries, debits, or credits. It also shows how to set up standard QuickBooks reports to provide the information everyone needs about their fixed assets and for income tax preparation.

    Calculating and entering depreciation expense is bothersome for most QuickBooks users. This book makes it a breeze, with complete instructions for using a free spreadsheet template downloadable from the publisher's Web site. What's more, it shows three different ways to import depreciation expense transactions into QuickBooks from the template--reducing the job from hours to minutes.

    This book is part of the QuickBooks Cookbookâ„¢ series, which gets its name from the way information is presented: as step-by-step guides for entering transactions or solving specific QuickBooks problems, much like the recipes in a cookbook. Written in plain, simple language and loaded with screenshots, the series is designed "from the ground up" as a quick source of answers to your QuickBooks accounting questions.

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