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    It's kind of a no brainer. I frequently do an item list search, and there's no way to get a report (that I'm aware of) of the results.

    For example, if I search for "cap" I get a list of results -- but to have that information at my fingertips I have to copy/paste into Word and print it. A screen grab is attached; this search result came back with several hundred items in my list, so to get the entire list as a "report" I'd have to cut and paste a lot of screens. It's something I do a LOT and it's a constant frustration.

    I currently use QB Premier but it was the same when I was using Pro.
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    Hi AmerRV

    Not sure if the US version is the same, but we have an "Excel" button at the bottom of the Item List window & you can choose from the popup option there to "Export All Items".
    Once open in Excel, you can just hold down Ctrl + F which brings up a "Find" box to search for what you want in that data.
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      I realize I can do that, but I have thousands and thousands of items. I would like a report that is narrowed down to the results of my search. Exporting to Excel and searching there is basically the same as searching in QB itself. It seems like there MUST be some kind of workaround, but darned if I can figure one out.