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  • Best QuickBooks Reporting Solution

    If you just want to get your data out of QuickBooks and create the reports you want in the way you want them, then FinJinni is the solution. It exports all the data out of QuickBooks and puts it in a local SQL Server or cloud data warehouse where you can access it with the Excel add-in or any SQL tool (Power BI, Crystal Reports) It works with all versions and years 2012 and up. It has the ability to consolidate accounts whether they are Desktop, Online or both combined. Creates reports you can’t get in QuickBooks. Visit our website If you would like a personal demo contact me

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    QuickBooks Online (QBO) is the most popular accounting software for businesses. Around the globe, millions of companies use QuickBooks Online to handle their accounting, finance, and operations.

    QuickBooks is a system of record, which means it houses data about revenues, expenses, invoices, and more. Out of the box, QBO has basic reporting capabilities.

    But there exists a need for more powerful, more complete reports. These reports come in many forms – for example:

    Weekly management meetings
    Finance team meetings
    Investor update reports
    Alluxo is a reporting solution for QuickBooks that provides more advanced capabilities than come with QuickBooks out of the box.

    In the following sections, we are going to dive into more details about the benefits of custom reporting solution that integrate with QuickBooks and how Alluxo can empower your team with actionable, accurate data.
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