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Sales Tax calculated at destination

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  • Sales Tax calculated at destination

    I am in Texas. I will be taxing data processing (80%) and cloud storage and usage. There are items that will be taxed at 100%. Taxing will be done where the cloud storage is accessed, not by the address on the invoice. (Address on invoice is headquarters.)

    Most of the users are also located in Texas. Houston has 18 tax districts, Dallas has 5 tax districts. Some projects have half users in another state (not taxed) and the other half in Texas (taxed).

    Jobs under companies may have different tax rates than the company. Sometimes the job is billed to the company, sometimes the job is billed to the companies client.

    I import my invoices using Transaction Pro Importer 7.0.

    Need suggestions for add-on software that will help with this nightmare.

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    QB Invoice import


    I can help you to address the problem using an application. This application to have set of rules or configuration for you to manage the TAX rates and the logic to be applied when creating the Invoice.

    If you are interested, please drop me an email to discuss further.

    some of our solutions fyr:

    469 250 5868


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      QuickBooks Reporting

      We have an app, FinJinni Professional, that exports all the data from QuickBooks so you can create reports based on any criteria such as jobs, fields, classes etc. and can also include calculations. It creates the reports in Excel and has the ability to import the data back to QuickBooks. We do custom reports as well and the first one is free. Our website is: If you are interested in a personal demo you can contact me


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        In a destination-based state, sales tax is collected based on the buyer's location. That means you collect sales tax based on your customer's state and local tax rates. You also remit the tax to your customer's state and locality. For more help, you can use Drake tax software.