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QB Online Plus - Not User Friendly Big Time

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  • QB Online Plus - Not User Friendly Big Time

    Had been using QBDesktop Pro for many years and wanted to try switching to QBOnline Plus. Bought an account, uploaded data then found it to be too cumbersome to use for the following reason.

    When creating Invoices, Estimates, Sales, and P.O.s, QBdesktop version shows both PART NUMBER and DESCRIPTION in the 'item' and 'products/services' dropdown selection boxes. When selecting products/services, in the desktop version you can easily and quickly scroll down to find the item to select. This has been very user friendly for our primary daily operations.
    Not so in QBOnline. ITEM, Product/Services Dropdown selection box in the ONLine version shows only PART NUMBERs. We have over 900 items which makes it impossible to select an item by seeing only PART NUMBERs. Also, can't scroll down through the list. Have to click 'Next' after 20 items. This would take all day for several items towards the bottom of the list.

    No one can memorize even a much smaller list of part numbers.

    DESCRIPTION is absolutely necessary to be shown this ITEM dropdown selection box. Just as it is done in QBDesktop.

    Or, alternatively, make the DESCRIPTION box a dropdown selection box with a continuous scroll down feature which would populate the line item details including part number.

    If this is not a 'Coming Soon' fix, we must stick with our old QB 2010Pro Desktop, and will have to cancel our newly created QBOnline Plus account. We had such high hopes.

    Such a sad thing, because otherwise it would have worked great for our company. Why eliminate this terrific function which made the QBdesktop version so user friendly. Seems like a 'stupid' omission.

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    Sorry @Wadu for your rather unfortunately experience with QBO I have actually come across many other accountants, bookkeepers, clients, etc., who have felt the same way. Some of them have also made the switch and then immediately switched back. There is just something about the desktop version with all its familiarity and great functions that make many reluctant to switch.
    Know that you are not alone in feeling this way. Sorry for your bad experience!

    (Side note, if you are in need for a file sharing/collaboration resource to come alongside Quickbooks, I would highly recommend checking out Qbox!