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IPN vs QuickBooks Payments Processing

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  • IPN vs QuickBooks Payments Processing

    I recently upgraded to QB Pro 2016 and migrated from IPN to Merchant Services QuickBooks Payments. We currently only accept payments from bank accounts and not credit cards. With IPN, I would log in and select all the pending payments that had been submitted that day. The payments would be applied and deposits recorded with one click. The new system requires me to add each individual payment like you do manually under Receive Payments in the Customer pull down menu. Then I have to process the deposit after the payment is added to QB. This requires two separate transactions on my part for each customer payment. With IPN I could process 30-50 plus payments a day, including the deposit, with one click. Am I doing something incorrectly or is this a huge step backwards in terms of my time and productivity to process batch customer payments?

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    Quickbooks payments issue

    We are having this same issue. HELP !!!!