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told too much data need enterprise

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  • told too much data need enterprise

    We have premier contractors 2009 and have 408 mb of data. we are often getting error messages.

    support told us we are in excess memory and must purchase enterprise that can handle 5 gigs for 2100.00

    I suggested we start another company under the 2009 and transfer the necessary set up and data.

    we don't want to set up the extensive financial, cost code, comp, invoice forms again . Which according to support can only be accomplished by purchasing enterprise.( doesn't make sense to me)

    we have been using for years and have now changed our business model which does not often need access to anything more than two years back.

    we have a dedicated computer running quick books.

    another forum said this was the place to get help, any suggestions

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    Export the transaction data into another database and get rid if it in QB.

    QReportBuilder can help you with the export, Shannon Tucker/QB can help with the second part..
    Al Buchholz
    QReportBuilder Professional Services
    Weekly QReportBuilder Webinars -every Thursday


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      File recreate services might help with your situation.
      Shannon Tucker
      email: tucker at