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Realistic company size for Quickbooks.

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  • Realistic company size for Quickbooks.

    We are looking at Quickbooks Enterprise for our company. We would like to have access to 5 years of data. To do this we will need to store 17000 customers, 22000 items and 137000 invoices with about 500000 total transactions. These numbers are high and I am wondering if quickbooks can handle this in a multiuser mode.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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    QB's Enterp is very good for growing to medium size businesses. To answer your question-it can sync your data. You will need to have patience with this however. I have seen several businesses spend weeks trying to effectively accomplish this. QB's Enterp is very limited in the areas of Inventory Control-specifically lot and serial #'s, chain of custody, bar coding, cycle counts, order entry and various other items under the umbrella of shipping, purchasing and receiving. NumberCruncher has a great QB's add on that will accomplish all of this. Check out their site and have them give you a free 15 minute demo/consult. It's worth it.


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      external data warehouse

      You can also export data into a data warehouse for years that you only need information from and won't be processing transactions for....
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        I'd agree with QBs Enterprise Solns, i think its preferable for larger, growing businesses. It is very much flexible in meeting the unique needs of a growing business, lets you scale up to 20 simultaneous users as your organization grows.
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