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  • QB Non Profit or QB Pro?

    I am setting up a church with Quickbooks software. I don't know whether i should purchase 'Pro' for approx $160 or 'Non-Profit' for $260. (It's the churches money, not mine.)

    I have a lot of experience with Quickbooks for profit companies. And my initial thought that I could create and memorize most any kind of report using regular QB. But now i'm wondering if it's better if the church spends the extra one hundred bucks. I'm wondering if QB Non Profit has some perks.

    The church is in somewhat of a bad way and the software they are now using is crap. The pastor and volunteers are unable to tell the congregation how their donations are being spent. They can't produce current reports. All of them are frustrated. It's as if they were trying to take down redwood trees with pen knifes.

    The church has no payroll and is located in the East coast of the United States. Yearly income/donations is approximately 350K.

    I'd like to make a decision and get moving on this project ASAP. Like yesterday. Any advice would be appreciated.

    Thanks for reading.

    Introduction: I am a CPA and former IRS agent. (The IRS and i had problems with each other.)

    Recently A high level and respected professional asked me if i knew anyone who could help his church get set up with quickbooks. Here i am.

    Let me say that i noticed how the moderate descibed this as an 'independant' QB forum. And that is exactly what i'm looking for. I've noticed that the mod allows posters to recomend other programs over QB for certain tasks. That is exactly the kind of independent source of informatio which i'm looking for. I look forward to talking shop and exchangin ideas on this forum.
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    I've done a lot of googling on this subject. My question was answered. In this situation the premiere software will provide absolutely no benefit over the regular quickbooks. Nothing indicates to me that the church volunteers will find 'premiere' any easier to use than 'pro.'

    If QB Premier does develop some major improvement that would benefit a church it will be in the 2010 version. In which case the church would wind up forking out extra cash for the upgrade anyway.
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      The largest problem that I have seen with church books is how they need to track the money. I have had some users setup asset accounts for things like Mission Work, Building Fund to track how much is "received" and "unspent". If you run a balance sheet report and change the date to "This Year" the report will give you the starting balance for beginning of the year and then you can zoom on the total to get a transaction detail report.
      It gets difficult to track pledges from members because of how the different churches want to track them.
      Good luck and keep posting!!
      Joe Williams
      Piedmont, Ok


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        Thanks for the feedback

        I appreciate the response.


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          Take a look at Kathy Ivens' Running QuickBooks in Nonprofits and see if that helps.


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            Using QuickBooks Premier makes tracking specific accounts real easy when one uses either QuickBook's CLASS tool or its JOB tool. I am not sure whether the Pro version has both of those tools. Only one bank account is necessary with the premier edition. Besides, Tech Soup offers Premier Accounting for Nonprofits for only $75 to legitimate 501(c)(3) organizations.

            Lorin Browning
            Lorin Browning, Ph. D.
            Fellow -- National Tax Practice Institute