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Need Help deciding which software for me

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  • Need Help deciding which software for me

    Hello i need a software thAT

    Will let me send invoices
    Keep a list of all my customers
    Remind me when they dont pay
    a feature that will alert me after 3 years to send a postcard that it will print out telling my customer its time again.

    the two in bold are must haves for me....

    thanks a bunch if you could help

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    Quickbooks lets you create invoices. You can also create a "To Do" list.
    The customers are kept in a list.
    You can create an Accounts Receivable Aging Report that shows you who owes what and how old the debt is.
    Suzanne M. - "Better Books"
    Certified Quickbooks ProAdvisor in Pro.,Prem. & Enterprise /


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      what about the postcard reminder every three years to each customer?



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        Quickbooks doesn't create postcards but will give you the reminder. There are letters within Quickbooks that you might be able to customize for your needs, but I doubt they will create a postcard. That feature integrates with MS Word.
        Suzanne M. - "Better Books"
        Certified Quickbooks ProAdvisor in Pro.,Prem. & Enterprise /


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          So by using quicbooks and ms word can i do all of what im wanting?



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            If you want to create invoices and have reminders/alerts, as well as the other things you mentioned, then yes. I would suggest you find someone who is using Quickbooks, or try to get a trial from Intuit, to see if the program meets your needs.
            Suzanne M. - "Better Books"
            Certified Quickbooks ProAdvisor in Pro.,Prem. & Enterprise


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              Thanks for all your help...i know nothing about intuit or quickbooks.....

              Isnt there a place or a person you can ask what software does what i want?

              It wouldnt seem im asking alot of any software?

              Thanks if anyone knows where i can get these answers,


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                The last item, automatic mailings to customers, isn't really an accounting task or an accounting issue. There are probably programs that do that (customer management software), but most accounting software performs accounting tasks.


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                  I am becoming very disappointed with QuickBooks inability to do some very critical accounting let alone marketing things for me so that's why I'm in this forum. I am seriously thinking of moving to another system. So, here's my 2cents on your question from research I’ve done on several software packages.

                  QuickBooks works fine for generating invoices and most other accounting activities but doesn't handle client management very well or if at all. And sorry Suzanne, but doing a merge with MS word just doesn't make it at all. It works but it's a beast to manage.

                  There are other accounting software packages out there that might solve both of your problems. Peachtree is one that comes to mind that from what I know, somewhat seamlessly integrates with a customer management software package called ACT which is from the same software company (Sage). I think that company offers a trial package of both software solutions. Depending on the size of your company and accounting needs you might be able to get away with a low cost solution.


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                    I hate Peachtree, I am having to use it for one of my clients now and it's horrible. I much prefer QuickBooks. They have an inexpensive add-on called Customer Manager that is great for client management.

                    QuickBooks does let you set up reminders as well, so that should solve your postcard reminder problem.
                    Rebecka Melson ~ Virtual Business Services ~
                    Bookkeeping & Administrative Support


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                      Intacct can do this... They have a contract renewals module that can even automatically enter a new opportunity in at the appropriate time.


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                        Need Help deciding which software for me

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                          Hai everybody, i am a new member to forums, so i am intereseted
                          and want to gain knowledge on this topics..........................thank u


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                            What do you need help with?

                            What kind of help are you looking for?