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  • Which software to use ???

    I used QB for years in our business so I am familiar and comfortable using it. We sold our business 18 months ago and I continued using QB Pro 2017 for my personal at home checkbook. That's all I use it for right now, just a checkbook. I no longer enter invoices, create payroll, pay bills, send reports to accountant, etc, etc. like I did when in business. One feature I really like in QB is the ability to download transactions from my bank into the check register. Since QB 2017 is being non-supported by Intuit as of 5/31/2020 do I really need to take action and upgrade? I even thought about Quicken but if I purchase it for $49 would I be able to download my transactions from QB into Quicken? Can I continue to use QB 2017 past the non-support date?

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    If you were creating a “small-business owner” Halloween costume, it would probably include a button-down shirt with rolled-up sleeves, a travel coffee mug, laptop computer covered in stickers, and a copy of QuickBooks Online accounting software. QuickBooks’ many versions and integrations make it adaptable to almost any situation, but what if you need a streamlined tool that you can use right out of the box? What if QuickBooks’ most basic plan is still over your budget? Or what if you’re a small-business owner that prefers to work with other small businesses?
    Currently, I am using QuickBooks enterprise hosting for my business and it has been working great for me.