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Old 04-02-2005, 09:04 PM
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Invoice/Check numbering

I am setting up multiple a/r accounts and will consolidate them into one balance sheet.

Both the check numbering scheme and the invoice numbering scheme seem smart enough to follow what i put in...
ie: If i use "T1" for the first check number (temporary checks) it will automatically present T2 for the next check

Invoice numbering seems to work the same.

Question is? If I use a different letter to designate the Invoice number for each of the a/r invoice generation it will keep the numbers unique...A1,A2,A3 and B1,B2,B3
Will this scheme come back to haunt me in the future?
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Old 04-03-2005, 11:53 AM
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There are two possible problems. They may be more just an inconvenience, as it affects how you find info in the reports next year.

1: QB will always start the next check or invoice number based on the last one that was saved. If you just saved invoice #C35, the next invoice number it gives automatically is #C36. Fine, but what if the next invoice you want to enter is in the "G" series or "J" series? Then you have to remember where you left off with those numbers. It seems there will always be the risk of skipping a number. This could be a control problem if you have other employees entering invoices. Otherwise, it is at the very least, a pain.

We use regular numbers "####" for customer invoices, and "SR###" for Supply Requests from installation crews. It can be a mess. Keep good records of what number you left off with.

2: Your reports will list the invoices in chronological order. If they were all regular numbers, your invoice reports would automatically be in numerical order also. If you use various letters to precede the invoice number, then your report might look like this:

Inv # date
------ -----
A1 05/01/04
A2 06/05/04
B1 06/08/04
C1 06/10/04
A3 06/15/04
D1 06/15/04
E1 06/15/04
B2 06/20/04
E2 06/21/04
A4 06/25/04

oops - I guess that date column would be on the left but I think you get the idea.

The problem is compounded if you use alpha/numeric on check #'s. Then the QB # is different than what is preprinted on the physical check. Also, check numbers are usually kept in line with chronology.

None of this will shut down the system but it might make you grumble on occasion.
John J.
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