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Old 05-14-2013, 03:53 AM
dash dash is offline
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Google Search Alternative?

Hi gang,

We recently updated from Quickbooks 2012 to Reckon Accounts 2013 and have come across an annoying issue.

We use Reckon/QB for just basic invoicing and sales receipts as a retail store. Up until we updated last month we were able to use Google search to find invoices/sales receipts for people by either typing in their name/ph number/address etc. Very simple and easy to use.

Since the update this feature has been disabled for Aus/NZ, meaning we can no longer search through old invoices when the need arises.

Is there a simple search option/alternative that we can use to look through old data?

To give a bit more information/explanation:

We have tried the 'find' feature but have come across two main issues with it:

The first is the simplicity: FIND is a few extra steps in the process and is nowhere near as efficient as the search function was.

The second is not all customers have been input into the customer list so we can't use the 'name' 'adress' or 'customer' filters in FIND: When we first bought quickbooks a few years ago the QB sales person who came out told us that QB can only store 10,000 customers in the 'customers' section [whether this is true or not who knows] and since 90% of what we do is a sales receipt, we just entered their details into the 'sold to' data field on the receipt and when needed simply searched for the customer through Google search. This allows us to print a receipt without specifically saving the customer into the 'customer' data field and also allowed us to search for customers quickly and easily without much heartache.

Of course a passable solution is if there was a way to search the 'sold to' data field in FIND but so far haven't been able to figure it out. There has to be an easy way to type in something we want to search and find any invoices/sales receipts with said information.

Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated and hopefully the above makes sense. We are pretty simple Reckon/QB users and only use the program for basics, but the search feature gets used every single day and is one of the main features we actually need to make our day to day work, and I'm already on the verge of insanity after trying to search for a solution the last couple of days so any help would be very much welcome.

Many thanks!
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Old 06-27-2013, 07:39 PM
Helen2672 Helen2672 is offline
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Another frustrated QB user

Sorry I don't actually have an answer for you..... but I too am in the very same position.
The Google search feature was the ONLY reason I outlaid for QB Enterprise (as I think the other versions didn't offer the Google Search at the time).
So now that it is no longer working and the only way to search is by using the FIND option I am ready to move on to something else. I have tried anything and everything to get the FIND function to work the way I need..... no luck there though.

Like you say, if there was an option to look in the Sold To box (or for me the Delivery Address box on invoices) for peoples names that were not set up as an account, then probably we could 'make do' . Still wouldn't be entirely happy but at least we could still find sales. But to not even be able to look up previous sales by a customer name is absolutely ridiculous in my opinion.

I'm trialing other accounting packages to see if there is a better way.....
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Old 04-14-2015, 12:25 AM
C D H C D H is offline
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Back Door Search

I completely agree with the sentiments here. Google Desktop search provided what Rekon have consistently refused to provide, even though the solution is right under their nose. More companies will come to realise this when support for 2012 editions ends in May 2015, and the 2015 upgrade won't support Desktop Search.

We have too many customers to make a new customer entry for each one. Apart from dealers and specialised sales channels, they all go into a customer named "Cash Sale". There is no way to search for a customer name, phone number, email, within this Cash Sale account since support for Google Desktop search ended.

As a desperate interim measure I have used the reports centre to export Invoice To and Ship To details to a *.csv file which can be searched through in Excel to find an invoice number to look up manually back in Reckon Accounts (Quick Books). This is laborious, not helped by the fact that it won't produce reports crossing 2 financial years, and is hard to "sell" to users who are not that familiar with Excel.

I have been researching plugins, but most are expensive and offer a full CRM access that we don't need at this stage.

Come on Reckon, support your loyal customers.
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Old 04-17-2015, 05:12 PM
shazinoz shazinoz is offline
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Lightbulb The Power of Find ......

Hi Dash, Helen2672 & C D H

If you enter the customer name in the "Memo" field (at the bottom of your invoice or sales receipt) instead, you can then search for this (or even part of this!) in the Find screen by typing it in to the "Description" filter. Of course, if you still need the customer's name to show in the name box, you can simply copy & paste, but if it's just for internal records, you can simply leave it blank or generic.
You will also then be able to see the name for each INDIVIDUAL SALE transaction in your Customer Centre transactions list for the generic name that you use (eg under the "Cash Sale" customer or whatever you enter them in under) AND in reports (by modifying the reports & adding the "Description" or "Memo" column)

If you add the "Find" window to your Icon Bar, you can then access this screen in just 1 click:

  • With the "Find" screen open, click on the "Advanced" tab
  • Click on "View" (along the top toolbar)
  • In the dropdown menu, click on "Add "Find ..." to Icon Bar".
  • In the little "Add ..." window that pops up, you can choose a different icon or keep the default
  • I always shorten or abbreviate the icon "Label" name (eg I change the default "Find Transactions" name to just "Find" to minimise the space it takes up in the toolbar as I have all my regularly used screens along there
The Advanced Find tab is extremely useful IF you know what to search for & how. There is no other accounting software that has the search & reporting capabilities that Reckon Accounts/QuickBooks has.
In fact, there's not much that can't be searched for!
Since the introduction of the "Find" feature into the Lists, you can search name records too (as opposed to the stand-alone Find window which searches transactions)
In this List "Find", you can now search for ANYTHING you've typed & saved in any of your name lists, even if you only know part of it, eg a "hotmail" email address etc, even something you've written in a list name's Notes!

Hope this helps
Shaz Hughes (Dip)Fin ACQ NSW, AAT ABN MICB
Accredited Reckon Professional Partner
Registered BAS Agent
Bookkeeper / Tax Consultant
Accounted 4 Bookkeeping Services

Email: /

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Old 04-22-2015, 05:37 PM
C D H C D H is offline
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Join Date: Apr 2015
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Google search alternative

Thanks dash.

Changing how we enter search keywords now is not going to help us look up warranty information regarding a customer (some of our warranties are 10 years, many are 5 years). Also, our customers often can't remember what they have in their alternative power system, when we can search through their history we can quickly find that information. How can you compare Google Search which looks for a keyword in any field of all invoices, purchase orders, credits, sales orders, even emails with extended desktop search... with the built in "Find" function, however enhanced it is now you still have to search through the correct field (was it in "Deliver To" or "Invoice To"?), in the correct form type (EG invoice or purchase order or credit etc). Google could search for an inventory part, find the inventory listing, and invoices etc containing it then sort them into date order.

Basically, Google searches everywhere, "Find" only looks where you tell it to.

Reports, as far as I am aware, only looks through one financial year at a time, and is very slow. We have a 5 user license on a desktop based system, Reports is very slow and holds up the server while it searches. Google works by indexing in the background, so while searching it doesn't use the database at all until you click on one of the results. The only success we have with Reports is by exporting them to an Excel spreadsheet (basically a manual indexing).

As for "There is no other accounting software that has the search & reporting capabilities that Reckon Accounts/QuickBooks has." - absolute rubbish. Search capabilities are the primary advantage of an electronic system over a paper only system, a core feature of any package.

At this point I have been unsuccessful in testing the Find feature in lists. It keeps crashing the system, our database needs a clean up and there is limited down time to do this - we have so far completed verification, backup, and Rebuild. I will keep trying this when other staff aren't using the system.
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