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Old 05-01-2014, 12:53 PM
jrushmeyer jrushmeyer is offline
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Reconcile QB Summary and Payroll Reports with QB Beg and End Balances

OK, first thing. I am the church treasurer, not a big company person so this isnt REAL complicated....I hope. I like to do a spreadsheet using QB beginning balance, add the deposits (so far so good!) and then subtract the checks I wrote (again, so far so good...I get the Expenses from the Custom Summary Report). Now, we have an organist so what I do is generate a Payroll Summary Report and add back the "Taxes Withheld" and the "Total Employer Taxes Contribute". This then gives me the ending QB balance in the Register. Piece of cake.

We have now started another account for the Pastor. (separate computer and separate Quickbooks...oh, both versions are 2014). This process is not working as well. He is all paid into Social Security so there is no FICA withheld. We do deduct 10% which goes to his Pension and there are Federal, State and City witholding taken out. (Fed and State are calculated AFTER the pension is deducted and City is BEFORE pension is deducted). I have tried all kinds of variations and the closest I have come is $3.04 with the calculated amount the the QB Register ending balance.

Is there some easy formula and/or reports that I have missed to help with this? This didnt use to be so hard!!!!

Thanks Guys
John Rushmeyer
Church Treasurer (who is starting to doubt the existence of God!!!)
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Old 05-15-2014, 04:37 PM
jrushmeyer jrushmeyer is offline
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Join Date: Jan 2013
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Not A Reply...Just a Follow Up

I took the opening QB balance per the Register.
I took the net gain or loss and added it (or subtracted it)
I added the Total Withholding back in
The final figure matches the ending QB Balance.

I made a spreadsheet for each month (JAN-FEB, MAR, APR)
I took the QB Beginning balance per the register
I added each Income Item separately from the Summary Report
I subtracted each Expense item separately from the Summary Report
I added the Total Withholding back in
In one of the monthly reports (spreadsheets) there was an error of $2.03 and in another one there was a differencee of $3.04. (One of the months came out to the penny)
I am totally stumped!!!!
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