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Old 12-21-2017, 01:24 PM
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Quickbooks in Multi-User Windows 10 Environment

Our organization is a small (350 member) yacht club and we use Quickbooks Pro to manage our accounting. We have several officers that use Quickbooks, though they all sign into the same account, at different times, to do the work they need to do. We use a remote desktop application so that everyone can reach our copy of Quickbooks without having to travel to a physical PC.

Recently, I took over the responsibilities of housing the server and being the systems administrator for it. No one has ever paid much attention to the little PC we use as our server. One of the things I have noticed, and donít like, is that the server, which is a Dell i5 computer running Windows 10, is set up as one user. That user has full administrative rights, and though no one has frigged up the computer yet, the ability to do so exists. I would like to set the computer up with at least two users; one administrative and one non-administrative user. The non-administrative user account would have Quickbooks and other applications available but no system administrative rights. (We have Quickbooks users set up for regular and administrative rights already.)

Presently, Quickbooks is in the administrative user profile (Iíll call this ADMIN). I built a second user (Iíll call this USERS) but I canít find a way to enable the USERS profile to be able to run Quickbooks. The USERS profile has Quickbooks, and it will launch, but it canít find our company profile. My basic question is; how can I set up Quickbooks so that it is visible in the USERS profile, or even better, in both USERS and ADMIN?

One thing I tried, was to change the administrative rights on the two profiles, thinking that if I canít move Quickbooks, Iíll move the administrator. This created havoc with the remote login functions, however. After failing to get this sorted out, I revised the system to its original state.

I would think there should be a way to share the necessary document between the two users so that either of them could see and use Quickbooks. Any suggestions as to how to make this happen?
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