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Two suggestions concerning things missing from your reports:
  1. Select show all accounts (and not just the active accounts). When the report comes up, select Customize and select All instead of Active on both rows and for columns. There could still be data in some inactive accounts.
  2. Check to make sure that you have not filtered out some accounts. On the Customize screen, click on Filter to verify that all and only the accounts you want are to be in the report.
One suggestion concerning red numbers in parentheses:
  • Still on the Customize screen, click on Fonts & Numbers on the top tab, and select Normally as the method to show negative numbers.
You say "I do not think it is my job to teach them how to read a financial statement." I would assert that it is part of your job as an officer of the organization to explain to the board members the content and significance of the financials you prepare. That is one major function of being a treasurer.
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