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The receipt of donations was done prior to my becoming treasurer. I inherited a mess (paper records and a year ending statement) and tried to set everything up correctly (ex. income, long term liability, assets, etc.). I want to do the accounting process correctly but trying to explain to my board what is going on is quite difficult. I had a board member ask me last month what the numbers in red and the numbers in parenthesis meant. Plus, my board does not understand things like long term liabilities, short term liabilities, assets, etc. I do not think it is my job to teach them how to read a financial statement.

Problems arise when I try to do my monthly statement and all of the accounts do not show up. (This is another issue that I have requested help on previously but just can't get it to work.) I have a test copy of my actual "company" so I can try things before I do them for real. Guess I need to go back to the test version and work there in trying to get the month ending report that I really need--one that lists everything on one happy, little report.
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