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Restrict Access to Financial Reports

We are new to QB Online Plus and have an issue with Managing Users.

Our in-house bookkeeper needs to be able to perform nearly all operations on QB including working with invoices but we want to limit him from being able to run and view financial reports (P & L and Balance Sheet) on the company(my personal finances basically!). Is that possible?

From what I can see it is not possible. We tried the most open 'limited' permission which is to allow access to "Customers and Sales" AND "Vendors and Purchasers" but then he loses the ability to reconcile accounts and make journal entries, etc. The only way to get that back seems to go with a permission of "All Access Rights," but then he can run all financial reports.

Can someone shed some light on this? I am thinking we should have stayed with the desktop version of QB.

Thank you in advance!
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