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Originally Posted by gssmauna View Post
"QB work on items, if you want to track rebar, then you have to use an item for rebar. If you use an item that says materials with a lump sum - that is what is tracked."
[COLOR="Black"] - Let me try to explain this another way - say for a project I have material coming from a vendor AND from inventory, would there be any way for me to bill this to customer in one line item on the invoice? Or would I need a line that ties to my inventory account and then a line that ties to my retail materials?
Yes and no

You can create a service item to charge the customer and title it what you want. Bit if you want billable purchases and inventory items on the customer invoice, then each item is a line item.

- If i have $100 in material accounted to the job, then I bill the customer $200 in material - what does QB do with the extra $100 - would it get credited to my material account (when in reality it's mark up and profit).
The item you use on a customer invoice has the income account it posts to selected on the item screen.
You do not net expense and payments in one account.

- In the morning an employee will pick up materials for project - say a 100 foot roll of wire, if he ends up only using 70' the extra 30' feet can't get billed to customer. If I enter the vendor invoice as it shows up on the website - the customer account gets all of the 100'. With that context can does that help with the question?
Then the 30 ft, one of two things happen you stock it in inventory or you get a refund.

I would suggest you find a local QB consultant to work with until you get the operations down. There is no way to cover this whole topic in this environment.
You can look up ones in your area here
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