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there are several of solutions for your business
first of all: expense report. There are several solutions such as Expensify, Concur that makes the cardholder do all the work for you: each cardholder will have their own Expensify account that ties to their credit card. They will do their expense report either on the phone or computer. They will take pictures of the receipts, select the expense type and submit it to the administrator. The administrator will then review, reclassify expense account if it's not selected appropriate, approve and export these reports to Quickbooks. The beautiful feature is exporting to QB. Your staff doesn't need to enter anything.
Checkout or to find out more. They have demos that you can understand more what I say.

Ok, let say: you don't want to use Expensify or Concur for the expense report. Then the Bank Feed in Quickbooks might be another solution.
First, you need to download credit card transactions from the bank. If your credit card issuer allows you to download transactions and import to Quickbooks (usually, the file has extension *.qbo). That's great. If not, try to download these transactions in a CSV file. Then you will need to buy small tool called CSV2QBO This tool will convert the CSV file to QBO file, then you will import the QBO file to Quickbooks.
That QBO file is then used with the Bank Feed. The Bank Feed will import all the transactions from that QBO files. You will need to select the Payor name, and expense account. You can setup rules for the bank feed which will accelerate the entering process.
For example, you can setup a rule like this: When the Payor is Mc Donald, please select Meal as the expense. Then next time, the bank fee will automatically select that account for you.

you can PM me if you need.

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