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lotuspete 11-29-2016 09:33 PM

Restrict Access to Financial Reports
We are new to QB Online Plus and have an issue with Managing Users.

Our in-house bookkeeper needs to be able to perform nearly all operations on QB including working with invoices but we want to limit him from being able to run and view financial reports (P & L and Balance Sheet) on the company(my personal finances basically!). Is that possible?

From what I can see it is not possible. We tried the most open 'limited' permission which is to allow access to "Customers and Sales" AND "Vendors and Purchasers" but then he loses the ability to reconcile accounts and make journal entries, etc. The only way to get that back seems to go with a permission of "All Access Rights," but then he can run all financial reports.

Can someone shed some light on this? I am thinking we should have stayed with the desktop version of QB.

Thank you in advance!

Rustler 11-30-2016 05:57 AM

You are correct in your findings, you can not limit users in any way other than the canned options.

a non partisan comparison of QBO vs QB desktop

lotuspete 11-30-2016 11:23 AM

Thank you and more...
[QUOTE=Rustler;174488]You are correct in your findings, you can not limit users in any way other than the canned options.

a non partisan comparison of QBO vs QB desktop

Thank you so much for answering my question!
And for providing the link to the comparison of QBO vs QB desktop!

QBO clearly will not work for us, which brings up two add'l questions:
[LIST=1][*]Is there somewhere in which I can see screen shots or test-drive the various versions of QBDT in order to match up our needs and Especially to wrap my head around the process of only limiting access to the company Financials (and confirm the ability to do so)?[*]And are there any internet resources to help with the daunting task of exporting the current QBO general journal to Excel then merging it into either our old QB 2001 (current data as of the end of 2015) or the updated (new) QBDT which we will ultimately need to purchase?[/LIST]
Thank you again for this valuable information!

Rustler 12-01-2016 05:18 AM

[B]1[/B]. this link will get you to trial links, only one version and I am not sure which on it is

All QBDT versions do inventory, premier and above have an assembly item which combines two or more other items to make a unique item you stock and sell. Premier and enterprise have industry versions, what that really means to the user is a suggested chart of accounts for that industry, and industry specific reports. The accountant version has it all, you can toggle to any industry if you need those reports, and additional accounting tools for accountants that are not in the normal version.

on my tips site, there are some "How to" articles in the left side menu - those have pics for that function, the pics are from an older version of BDT but have not changed.

[B]2.[/B] If your present version is 2001 - yikes. The QB data base went through some revisions since than one complete change of the whole data base. You will have major issues moving the data file to 2017. What you will have to do is find someone who has intervening years installed and load the data file, make a newer back up, restore that back up to yet a newer version, etc etc. Generally speaking you would to load the file from 2001, to 2004, to 2007, to 2011, to 2014 and finally to 2017.
buy the new version directly from intuit, talk to their data services and they will step up the file for you for free.

It would be better to just create a new company data file in 2017

QBO to QBDT - won't work at all for that old a version, and if it did you'd have more problems. The intuit utility to do that is flawed badly

QBDT and excel imports are a hassle, better to make a one time purchase of a utility to format excel to the picky intuit format. google for transaction pro importer - I am not affiliated.

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