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uppereast1 04-28-2016 07:13 AM

email question
Like many Mac users, I don't use Mail because of its incompatibility with Gmail. Quickbooks works with Gmail in the PC version, not Mac. Does anyone have a good workaround that does not involve saving an invoice as a pdf and sending it separately? I use Airmail2 as my mail client.

Renuka Rana 05-26-2016 07:51 AM

Try Entourage mail client.

westone 06-17-2016 11:38 AM

" I don't use Mail because of its incompatibility with Gmail."

What incompatibility w/ GMail? I've been using Mail with two gmail accounts for years. Just to be certain, I just now sent an invoice from QB for Mac 2016 through Mail using one of my Gmail accounts. I sent it to a third non-GMail account I have on a non-google Server. Worked fine.

"Try Entourage mail client."

Isn't Entourage dated, having been replaced by Outlook for Mac 2011 some years ago?

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