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  • Audit Trail

    Is it possible to turn Audit Trail off (i.e. lose it) possibly some 3rd party utility?

    We only switched it on after we had file conversion problems on upgrading to QB 2004 Pro and needed a transaction record.
    Ray Gordon

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    You can turn it off by unchecking the box on the "company" tab in Preferences - Accounting.
    Suzanne M. - "Better Books"
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      You can certainly turn it on by ticking the box.

      However, you can't turn it off (checkbox greyed out). Hence I want to know if there is another way to do it via a thrid party utility etc.
      Ray Gordon


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        I am curious as to why you would want to turn it off?

        It records details of when and whom posted and amended transactions. I am sure, but I could be wrong, it does not cause any speed/space issues.


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          Originally posted by badnit
          I could be wrong, it does not cause any speed/space issues.
          You are... it does

          Switching it off was a good way to speed things up when the file got large but the facility to switch it off was removed a couple of versions ago.

          Bad news - particularly if you are the sole person to use QBs - why would you need an Audit Trail?


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            Our QB file is large and I want to limit its size and speed things up over the network.

            I also would prefer not to have an audit trail.
            Ray Gordon


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              In most years of QB you can turn off the Audit trail But in 2006 it has been perminantly switched on. If you have ever been trying to find out why something has disappeared then the audit trail is a godsend.


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                Audit trail

                Dear Ray,

                Having audit trail on really can really slow QB down. I have 2003 Pro and when I edit a form(when on Multiuser mode), it can take up to five minutes to record the change in the audit trail. I had a shock because in 2002 you could turn the audit trail off. This was stopped with 2003.(Greyed out) It caused me big big headaches and I am not sure if I have forgiven Intuit.

                I did, however, find one way around the problem. I opened a new co file in QB 2002 with audit trail "off". Then I converted it into a company file in 2003. It came up with Audit trail off (not normally an option in 2003, but available in 2002). I can now use it with no Audit trail and its so fast!
                There is a snag tho'- you cannot verify the data integrity. This is no real problem for me.
                I wish I could verify Intuit's integrity! I was sold 2002, just before 2003 came out. They sold it to me with the upgrade when it became available. a month or two later. Unfortunately I was not told of the changes to Audit Trail. I thought it was a bug and wrestled with the problem for ages.It took me 2 years to find out (they only told me when I inquired as if buying a new version!)

                I am not sure if I can now upgrade to 2006 (or 2007 when its out) and do the same thing. QB is useless for me with Audit Trail on, since I make up to 10 or 20 ammendments to some estimates.

                I hope this info might be of some use.