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775MB company file - multiuser - slow saves - help!

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  • 775MB company file - multiuser - slow saves - help!

    Enterprise edition 9.0 with 775MB company file - running on windows 7 with 4GB ram and e4400 cpu @ 2ghz (dual core)

    When we save a purchase order it takes about 6 seconds. In multi user mode this means it can take a while for a lot users.

    I know

    a) hyperthreading should be disabled
    b) fast disks should be used - We are using an SSD

    There any other performance enhancements that can be used besides upgrading the CPU or buying a faster computer altogether?

    I see something about "initial cache size" and such when pressing f2. Can that be adjusted somehow? LIke putting the entire company file in a "cache" somehow?

    Also, from the looks of it - quickbooks is a SINGLE CORE application right? During saves our cpu pegs to 50% which would indicate 100% use of one of the cores, it appears like. THre anyway to enable multi core?
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