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03-27-2003, 12:42 PM
Does anyone here have any solutions that work regarding back orders and split shipments? and Part 2: HOW IS INVENTORY ACCOUNTED FOR in this situation? ALSO, is there any bar-coding interface that you find works for you?

I have contacted Quickbooks customer service and have been recommended to come here.

About our business:
We are TheGunSource.com
We have over 20,000 SKUs
The shipping facility in Arizona.
The shipping facility carries inventory to handle the common orders and x days of inventory for all other products/SKUs.
Many times the manufacturer has a shortage of supply that lasts for 2 days to 16 months.
We have ~2700 unique visitors (IP addresses) per 24 hour period.
We have been using QB Pro 2002 for two years.
Most orders are via the internet, however, there are also about 50 phone orders per day.

Split-ship with a back order example:
There is a $1000 sales order.
We have $700 of product to fill the order.
The remaining $300 will be delayed 8 days.

We SHIP orders that have a 70% fill rate (dollar value based).
In QuickBooks, we have to photocopy that invoice and manually scratch off the shipped inventory and physically file the invoice and wait to recieve the rest of the products (which will flow in every day towards filling the remaining $300 of the order).

Has anyone figured out a solution for SPLIT SHIPMENTS in Quickbooks?
Is there a solution for Back-ordered items in QB?
How does inventory appear? (Right now, QB shows all sales orders as though there is unlimited inventory and all orders have immediate 100% fill & ready to ship.)

Peachtree may be a solution. They have split transaction capabilities; however, that program does not allow e-mailing an invoice.
BEST Software's MAS 90 and MAS200 are not solutions. We have gone down that path with the local BEST represetatives.
BEST's MAS200 SQL is a solution; however, it costs ~$50,000.

Any advice on how Quickbooks works? If you can give a tour of your company, I would be greatly intereseted if you live in the Phoenix, Arizona metro area.

excited and concerned,
866 456 2522

03-27-2003, 02:42 PM
You need what is referred to as Order Entry software.

If you are happy with other areas of QB and don't want to learn a whole new accounting program, you can get a stand alone OE system, or if you do retail sales, some POS programs include OE.

You would keep your books in QB, track inventory and orders in the OE system.

While it is mainly a POS system, I can recommend Keystroke as a program that will do all you need, including tracking serial numbers. It has Ordered and Shipped columns with the unshipped items placed on back-order.

If you take phone orders, you can also add scripts so that when someone orders a whatever, a screen pops up and says suggest the thingamagig to go with it. If you've ever bought from any mail order / phone order places you know what I mean.

Can't remeber the price, for sure, but under a grand.

It's sold only through dealers. You can contact one through their site www.keystrokepos.com

I'm sure there are others, as well. You can do a search for Order Entry software and find some.

03-27-2003, 03:57 PM
I am recieveing thier sales pitch colateral in a couple days.

Any other solutions?